Mastering Periscope from the View Perspective

Periscope set social media a blaze over the past year. Social media personalities and brands locked into the latest social media movement with hopes to engage readers, move content, and convert interests into profit. You will find many of the top bloggers and those dominating their niche on Periscope. Those who are mastering the social media outlet are systematic. Mastering Periscope is more than chance, it’s strategy. Even with those strategies readily available, more and more social media personalities are throwing info to the wind and winging it.

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Melbourne with Reginia Cordell

Photo Journal | Melbourne, Australia

Visiting Australia is quite an accomplishment for many North Americans.'s a really long ways away ...and it ain't cheep getting there but once you're there, basking in the excitement that is "down under" is beyond thrilling. It's exceptional travel bliss. Take a little photo stroll with me through Melbourne, Australia. Flinders Street Station Melbourne Central Station Downtown Melbourne Luna...[ read more ]


Women’s History Month | Culture & Literature

Dynamics of impactful women fuels global history. Our contributions to society, within every genre and every field transcends time. As leaders, we guide and influence communities; as innovators, we use our creative, ingenious spirits to push beyond boundaries; and as visionaries, we continuously explore facets of futuristic dimensions. March, women's history month, it is a time to highlight the contributions...[ read more ]