Hakuna Matata Beach Lodge & Spa – Zanzibar

During the summer months, I have ample time away from the daily duties, so exploration and discovery are always on the horizon. Living in Abu Dhabi, puts me in the center of everything it seems; some of the world's most attractive places are within reach. For summer of 2015, avant-garde seemed to proceed my location preferences. The hunt began and...[ read more ]


Hakuna Matata Beach Lodge & Spa | Photo Essay

Hakuna Matata - No problem! Hakuna Matata Beach Lodge & Spa is a holiday lounge community in the city of Bububu, Zanzibar. It is located about 25 minutes from the energetic core of Zanzibar Island, with relaxing ocean views, well manicured lawns, and ocean swimming available during high-tide. Hakuna Matata Beach Lodge & Spa is a privately owned lodge.  ...[ read more ]


Iftar in Abu Dhabi

Earlier in the week, we were invited by Park Rotana Abu Dhabi to enjoy Iftar at Ginger. During the Holy Month of Ramadan, Muslims fast as one of the pillars of faith. The fast lasts from sunrise to sunset daily throughout Ramadan. Iftar is the evening meal, at sunset, which breaks the fast. The initial consumption is typically dates and...[ read more ]


Stop Telling Me How to Travel!

You guys know that I'm all over social media. I'm in a gang of FaceBook Groups, chatting away and giving my opinion on everything from the tragedy of "transracial" to giving tips to maximize the expat life and traveling. Along the way, there's one sentiment that keeps coming up, "tourist vs. traveler". I've read the comments and wayward verbiage on...[ read more ]


Coffee Talk – What are you up to?

  Clutch your pearls! Yes, it's me. Can you believe I'm penning a post after almost three weeks away? Are you surprised, me too. You know how it is around these parts. Sometimes the blogging world, well the blog, has to simmer down for a second and take a back seat to things. As the weather gets warmer in Abu...[ read more ]