Iftar in Abu Dhabi

Earlier in the week, we were invited by Park Rotana Abu Dhabi to enjoy Iftar at Ginger.

During the Holy Month of Ramadan, Muslims fast as one of the pillars of faith. The fast lasts from sunrise to sunset daily throughout Ramadan. Iftar is the evening meal, at sunset, which breaks the fast. The initial consumption is typically dates and water followed by the meal after the Maghrib Prayer. Because Iftar is an event that can be very social, we were invited to partake in the offerings at Ginger Park Rotana.

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know that Habibi, my partner in crime, is Muslim. He’s very much dedicated to his faith, so a new Iftar experience was right up his alley. This was my second time dining at Ginger. Sometime last year, my company hosted one of it’s oh so exciting meetings in one of the conference rooms and we had a spin through Ginger after we awoke from our slumber of enlightenment.

This time the experience was much different. The evening setting was much more elegant, and the area was outfitted with classic decor. The lightening was dim and cosy, the seating was friendly, and unlike other Iftar settings, all aspects of the experiences were well-sync. Habibi and I were immediately impressed by the level of customer service. During such a busy time, some experiences can feel rush and unwelcoming, but this was not the case a Ginger Park Rotana. We were immediately greeted, shown to our seats, and were well attended to for the remainder of the evening.

As most Iftars in Abu Dhabi, the experiences include an array of Arabian dishes: lamb biryani, vegetable biryani, various rice dishes, pasta, lasagna, scalloped potatoes, falafel, hammour, tabouleh, hummus, dates, a variety of salads, fruits, and endless desserts.

As much as I’ve cut back recently, I didn’t count calories or carbs that night. All of the food looked delicious, so I threw my diet to the wind, and indulged deeply. Both of us went straight to the lamb and vegetable biryanis. I then added a helping of potatoes, rice with dates, a vegetable medley and Habibi pretty much did the same. I also ate a bit of Oreo Cheesecake and a slice of Red Velvet before I got too full. As with most buffets, my eyes are bigger than my stomach but I had to have a slice of lasagna and hints of the mixed grill.

The chefs at Ginger Park Rotana really outdid themselves. Every dish was well seasoned, the preparations exceeded expectations, and the overall presentations were stellar. Habibti and I waited a few minutes to see if we could taste a few more items, but our stomaches said, “no”. We then enjoyed a swig or two of Arabian coffee and headed home to bask on our food comas.

If you’re looking for a well prepared and presented Iftar in an elegant setting as well as superb customer service, Ginger Park Rotana will exceed all of your traditional Iftar expectations.


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