A Royal Affair | Royal Rose Hotel Abu Dhabi

When working in within a highly toxic environment, staycations are needed to maintain your sanity and on this weekend, in early October, Habibi and I needed time away.

Sometime in September, we happened upon Royal Rose as we were leaving dinner nearby. I must admit that I’d never paid attention to it during daylight hours but its evening curb appeal is magical.

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All Stir Fry - Mushriff Mall

Asian Fusion in Abu Dhabi

The UAE definitely knows how to keep its residents full. Throughout the country, especially in Dubai and the capital city, Abu Dhabi, options for pleasing ones culinary desires are abundant. Today's post is about a cute little number, All Stir Fry. I happened upon All Stir Fry after escaping one of the most dreadful meetings ever.  Not only was I bewildered,...[ read more ]

Around the Water Cooler by Reginia Cordell

Around the Water Cooler; Meet Ms. Antagonistic

"I'on like German food." "It's too cold in here." "Why she calling me ghetto? I ain't ghetto." Patricia (aka Puddles) rolled her eyes. Why is this chick always complaining about something? If it's not the copier, it's the coffee, that she doesn't drink, or the snacks, or the elevator, or the security system, she gets on my nerves. Puddles stood...[ read more ]


Epitome of Luxury; Dinner at Shangrila Hotel

  When your friend drops in from Saudi Arabia for her birthday, engaging in Abu Dhabi's Luxury is a must. The birthday girl is no stranger to elegant experiences, she's been in the gulf for almost a decade and has danced among the elite. So when she asked for the best of the best in Abu Dhabi with a variety...[ read more ]


Secrets from Around the Water Cooler

It's 8:53, just a few minutes before another ethics training. These are always fun. I get to subliminally chastise a room full of misfits while eloquently laying out the rules of engagement while on the company's dime. Yeah, that is always fun; yep, big damn fun. "Excuse me Patricia. Did you get the notes from Mr. Anis about the professional...[ read more ]


What Really Happens in the Teacher’s Lounge

Behind the closed door of the teacher's lounge is where the magic happens. That's where we swap secrets on where to find the best stickers, dry erase markers, sharpies, and Christmas sweaters. In the teacher's lounge is where we gloat over our long lists of rambunctious students with buttermilk breath. We sit there in snug trousers with mousey haircuts and...[ read more ]


Zomato’s Hidden Gem; The Third Place

  In Abu Dhabi, the western expat experience is usually packed with endless leisure and opportunities to explore all that the city has to offer. Since moving here in 2012, I've tried quite of few restaurants; from local Emirati to American. Initially, finding a restaurant to fit my style and tastes was a challenge. The city's grid is complex so...[ read more ]